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Philippine Festivals

Lanzones festival (Camiguin, Mambadjao, Philippines)

Lanzones Festival is held every third week of October and it is a four day grand celebration of the lanzones fruit. The most important livelihood in Camiguin is lanzones. It is when a lot of tourists come to witness the joyous Lanzones festival. Lanzones is one of the major fruit producers in the Philippines. Lanzones is a tropical fruit that grows extravagantly on the north-central coast of Mindanao. Lanzones has a pale brown skin and sweet translucent flesh. It is said that the sweetest lanzones in the Philippines comes from Camiguin. The town of Mambajao in Camiguin celebrated its annual festival called Lanzones Festival together with its harvest in the month of October.

During the Lanzones Festival, people, houses, street poles among many other things and places are decorated with the Lanzones Fruit and Lanzones Leaves to signify abundance. Locals dance with happiness commemorating the legend of a beautiful, young maiden who changed the taste of the fruit from bitter to sweet. Street dancing highlighting the culture, tradition and the fruit of Camiguin invites domestic and foreign tourist alike to watch the scenic grand parade of the golden fruit during the Lanzones Festival. Parties, cultural shows, beauty pageant or coronation of Mutya sa Buahanan and trade fair that features local handicraft and products are among the other activities featured during this time of the year in Camiguin. If you have free time during the 3rd week of October, take a chance to visit and celebrate the Lanzones Festival in Camiguin.

The name of Camiguin is a synonym for Lanzones. Lanzones are small yellow/brown fruits with a taste of lychees and calamansi. Camiguin’s lanzones are the sweetest lanzones you can find in the Philippines.



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